Parenting Group (Every Monday, 5:15- 6:00 PM)

We provide this service for parents or caregivers who want to delve more deeply into WED, receive more specific coaching on its use in their home, or simply benefit from additional moral support. It is a drop-in group that allows parents to choose their level of participation from week to week. There is no cost for this service, and parents are welcome to attend even after their child discharges from the program.

WED Program

Endurance’s WED Program offers the same exact experience as our IOP and PHP, with the sole exception of access to the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, for a significantly reduced daily rate. Endurance offers this service to adolescents who do not require the psychiatric component of our program (such as those who are already stable on medication or who do not require medication at all), but who wish to access all other IOP or PHP services. One-way transportation, group therapy, and access to our Parenting Group are all included.